Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cheated by

My experience with  :

After 6 months in my first job I learned some new skills and I thought I should update them on linkedin or, not because I was looking to change my job just because I fuc***g acquired some new skills.

After a few days of my update my manager calls me to his office and asks me why do I want to change job? I was shocked at first I did not understand why he was saying that. I just assured him that I was very much satisfied with my job and have no reason to look for another,which was 100% truth at that point of time .

Thinking about the incident later it became very clear that the only reason for him to think that I am looking for a change is my naukri profile.

Later when I talked with some of my senior colleagues things became crystal clear. HR of my company takes employee attrition very seriously and they have premium consultant accounts at all major job search websites and continuously monitor employee activities. 

This can happen to you too, so do not post anything on these fu****g sites unless you are very sure of leaving the company.

Anyways these site are pretty much useless and only shows useless job openings.

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